You have the opportunity to customize your garage floor to fit your style. Our coatings typically cure in 4-6 hours and can be driven on in 24 hours. Toy garages, patios, decks, stairs, and your work shop are great spaces to add some flare. DON'T forget to ask about a custom logo for your floor! 


We have a great broadcast system for commercial kitchens, entry ways, industrial bathrooms, work shops, and heavy traffic areas.  There are unlimited color options for the quartz keeps the design options open for any decorative work.  

Balconies & Outdoors

We also offer a durable and attractive solution for all your balcony, exterior concrete, or poolside problems designed to withstand the winter weather of Utah.  Maintains its color and does not fade when exposed to direct sunlight. In addition, the textured coating makes the surface less resistant to slip while still being easy to maintain. 

Crack Repair

Let us help you repair and seal those cracks to extend the life of your concrete floor. In most cases, crack repair is a must in the preparation process for a polyurea floor coating. Once completed, your floor will have a beautiful smooth finish. 

Cement Sealing

Extend the life of your concrete! Sealing  your driveway or walkways will keep stains and cracks out."Spaulding" is a common problem with Utah cement and sealing your driveway is a critical part of the process to prolonging the life of it. 


Flash up your new trailer to protect the floor from grease and stains. A polyurea coating allows the owner to easily wash out the interior of the trailer. The flake system is also an excellent solution to revitalize an old trailer.

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